Bee Positive

Everyone loves positive feedback. It makes employees work harder and people feel better about themselves when they are told they are doing a good job. The last few days I have been getting loads of positive feedback from my immediate supervisor and it feels great. It’s great to be told that you are doing a fantastic job at what you are doing, even if what I do is really so mindless a child could do it (just not as good as me). 
I work in retail, and I typically stock movies on shelves. yeah not so hard. But apparently I excel at knowing my alphabet and doing things in a speedy manner. 
It’s also great when customers thank me, or compliment me. Another thing I think that makes a person feel good about themselves is compliments from strangers (as long as you aren’t a creeper).
I think i’ve always been a kind person, and I’ve always tried to compliment strangers. “I love your shoes” or “your hair is super cute!” I hope that when I give out simple compliments that they make a person feel as special as I do when I receive them. 

So this week be nice to a stranger, especially someone in customer service, or retail. Chances are you’ll make their day, or at least make them smile. And this world can never have enough smiles. 


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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