Tucson Sunset

I am back from my mini-vacation. I went home to my parents house in Tucson, to help my sister and mom with some final wedding plans. And to have a little bridal shower.
 Oh and to eat burritos. lots of burritos. 
super nachos! 

carne-asada enchilada style!

I had a great weekend starting with super nachos and a burrito, then the next morning another burrito. 
That evening I had my sisters bridal shower which was at a local brewery and was a freggin blast!

My pretty little sister Andrea

Afterwards we did a little bar hopping, I haven’t really bar-hopped in Tucson in…. i dunno… 5 years. A lot has changed. When I was going out it was a very punk rock/gothic scene, that night it was a hipster/jersey shore scene. strange. But it was fun. My sister has some cool friends . 

The next day I had an awesome hangover, once I overcame that I had eegees and a nap, then dinner with grandma. That night I got to see one of my besties a couple of the cutest guys in Tucson.
(this little guy has a blanket that he was supposed to get when he was born but it still isn’t finished… maybe by Christmas.) 

 The last day of my vacation was filled with running wedding errands with my sister, meeting DJ’s 
it was hot! 103!
and eating an amazing sammich at Beyond Bread ( ❤ Betty’s Brie )then an amazing REAL Mexican dinner, yum chili relleno and enchilada! 
Then Tuesday I was gone. and then home again. 
moms house is down there somewhere

Catalina Mountains, Tucson, Az. 

Today starts day one of being back on a diet. I am afraid to step on the scale. Really though as long as it’s under 160 I won’t cry. But I am guessing it’s close. So I am avoiding the scale until Saturday (my normal weigh in day) and until then (and for the foreseeable future) I am back to 100% weight watchers and working out every day. At least by maybe i can drop some water weight from all the salty margaritas. 

❤ Alana Banana

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    miss you! your Mom

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