What is a Green Monster?

well besides that thing that only baseball fans know about, there is a thing going around the blog world, in health-blog rings called a Green Monster. Upon further investigation I learned that it’s a smoothie that looks like baby shit. It’s not supposed to taste like shit, but it looks like shit, and i have a hard time with the idea of eating something that looks like shit. But in the never ending quest for health and weight loss, i decided i would try to make one. i am sick of bagel thins for breakfast and wanted to mix it up a little. 

a hand full of spinach
4-5 raspberries 
3 strawberries 
1 heaping spoon of flax seed
about 1 cup of coconut water
a few ice cubes

blended in my Magic Bullet until smooth


yep that looks like shit to me. 

it really wasn’t bad, it tasted like watered down strawberries, i thought about adding some sugar free sweetener but I wanted to keep it as natural as possible. I think i’ll maybe have another for lunch. 

i used fresh berries but almost all the recipes i saw called for frozen, well i didn’t have frozen. But I did just take all the fruit i had and packaged it for freezing. 

Incase you are interested: 



About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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