Random views from my daily life & an update.

I <3 the way they sleep
Paul and Renji, sleeping like silly babies.
Drink on the deck after work.
Tasty adult beverage, enjoyed on the deck.
prairie dogs!
Prarie dogs that live down the street.
Thistle at sunset.
I have been working a lot lately. And when I am not working I am spending what little time hubster has to offer with him. Friday night he was gone playing Marine somewhere. So I got drunk and cleaned the kitchen. And I found his coffee pot (Krups, about 6 years old) to be foul, beyond foul, there was this strange black, slimy, film stuff inside. So I concluded it’s not the kirkland coffee that tastes like shit, it’s the shit growing in his coffee pot. So Saturday when I got off work we went and got him a new coffee pot. He got a fancy one with an espresso maker attached. Then we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings ( i think we only go now for the buzztime trivia, which we very much enjoy) Sunday we went and got pedicures and then drove around looking for lunch, and we made one of the greatest discoveries ever. Chinese take-out! The two times we have had chinese here it’s been pretty bad, the all you can eat buffet gave us both horrible food poisoning, on the day we were supposed to move into this house. The other was a very popular asian food restruant that had great reviews but flavorless food. But Wong’s Chinese Kitchen is just awesome, real Chinese people working there, fresh veggies, super tasty (like the best ever) spring rolls. Seriously some of the best American-Chinese I have had in a really long time.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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