Challis Hot Spring Camping Trip


Each year the unit that Paul recruits out of goes on a big huge camping trip.
They are based out of SLC, but the Marines are spread though much of the north-west.
We all met together in Challis Hot Springs, Idaho for a mandatory fun weekend. 

The drive to Challis
we left montana as early as we could get our shit together on the 22nd of June and packed the dogs up for the long drive to Challis. Okay so 5 hours isn’t that long, but this girl gets terribly car sick on windy mountain roads, so 5 hours is a very long time for me.

dead bug splattered windshield.
about half way there we had an excessive amount of dead bugs splattered to my windshield, and we ran out of washer fluid.
(even after 2 carwashes, my windshield still looks buggy too)

Renji, who is normally a good car rider, had been a holy terror. But after about 3 hours calmed down and laid down for a nap.
(yes i know, my dogs should be restrained, but we had no way to kennel or buckle them up with all the camping gear in the car. At least they aren’t hanging out the window)

Aiko found her comfy spot too.

The drive to Challis
The drive to Challis
The drive to Challis
The scenery changes on the drive were just spectacular.

Just after 4 we arrived to Challis. We quickly set up our tent because Paul had to report to a briefing before dinner. We were very lucky to have the last campsite. There was no one beyond us. It was very quiet.

our closest neighbors were seen but not heard.

the ground was hard as rock, well it was rock, we discovered after bending two tent stakes.
we also discovered a new use for our extra water jug. Since we couldn’t get the dog stakes into the ground to tie them up we found an ingenious way to keep them on a short leash.

simple and cozy, and right on the river, so if it floods we die first.

storm rolling out
storm rolling out
Shortly after setting up camp it began to storm.
Thankfully it was a shortlived storm.

Renji & Aiko
the dogs love camping

Salmon River
The River
the Salmon River.

Night one was spending drinking, a lot. And day two was spent (me) being hungover, a lot, and napping, while the guys did their Marine training stuff.

Renji resting
The dogs got settled in.

when I wasn’t napping i was chillaxing

the view
and enjoying the scenery.

Starting a Fire
Starting a Fire
The trucks
After the guys got out we started our fire and hung out.
(my jeep is the last one on the R, the one with the speakers hanging down. we were the stereo for our campsite because my jeep rocks.)

Renji & Huck
People and their dogs came to visit.

Paul & the dogs
Paul shared his ice cream cone.

Renji & Paul
we spent the evening relaxing, chatting and snacking fireside.
(paul used my giant wine glass as a water glass because he didn’t want to wash a cup)

Camp Fire

Last full day- Marine Mandatory Fun Day
Eco ChallengeEco Challenge

Eco Challenge

The next day was the ECO challenge, where all the Marines got together and did a bunch of silly Marine stuff in the blazing sun. While all of us women just watched.

Frog Legs
Aiko laid around and showed off her sexy frog legs

Eco Challenge
Eco Challenge
Paul is up front in the yellow on the raft. notice how he is wet? yeah, someone tried to drown a few times.


hot dogs

Team Montana lost the challenge 😦

And that was it, that night we had dinner, a few drinks and went to bed. The next day we broke down camp and went home.

Goodbye Challis Hot Springs, See you next year!

Open Till Closed
middle of no-where Montana. A sign at a service station says “open till closed”

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