10 Days of Bullshit Challenege! Day 2

** hey mom, you don’t want to hear this! 

★Day 02- How was your first experience drinking alcohol?

My very first experience included vomiting. That I am sure of. And I think I only had part of a beer and some bombay sapphire. Yeah, beer and gin don’t mix. It was at a girlfriends house. She was really my friends sisters older friend. But we were at her house for what started as a makeup party (mary kay or some shit) and ended up as a throwing up all night party, for me at least. I think I was 13-14. After that, I tasted alcohol fairly often, once a month or so, with the new crowd I was hanging with. Sadly really all we could get our hands on was goldschlogger. I don’t know why. But Now just the idea of it makes my stomach churn. But I was mostly vomit free, mostly. Then after I turned 16 and was driving i went to my cousins house for a party, she is much older than me. Well it was bad. I was shot-gunning beers, and doing jello shots, and I don’t even know what else. That night I puked all over myself and my cousins roommates bed. Whoever decided to put the shitfaced girl in the waterbed was fucking stupid. The next day I drove home and when my parents came home they found me passed out on the bathroom floor. They knew. I knew they knew. And my cousin was busted. I don’t think I drank after that for a while, like possibly a year or two. or maybe just a few weekends. 
I don’t lie, i like booze, I can just sort of hold it better now. most of the time. as long as were not drinking Oki style where you drink till the sun comes up then go home and foil the windows to try to sleep, but end up puking all day anyway. That’s less about the amount consumed as it is the time spent drinking, drinking for 
4-7 hours straight will totally fuck anyone up. 


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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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One Response to 10 Days of Bullshit Challenege! Day 2

  1. Destiny says:

    Oh man we would drink mad dogs! that is all we would be able to get our hands on! we would walk down to the mexican store and ask the mexicans coming out to go buy some for us. lolpuke all over oneself is never fun! hell I'd do that a few years ago! lol and I still hate passing out anywhere but my bed.

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