He’s gonna be okay but…

if we are friends on facebook you may have already read this.

[taken on our camping trip while stopped on the drive]

Renji got bit by the neighbor dogs through the fence this afternoon. It’s a wooden fence and the spaces are just big enough for Renji’s little paws. The dogs bark at each other all the time but this time Renji’s paw must have slipped throuh a space and their dog grabbed it it took me more than a few seconds of screaming to get them to let him go. They chewed his arm up pretty good. He’s staying overnight at the vet. Nothing is broken and they don’t think anything is torn, but he has pretty severe bruising and swelling. He got a few stitches but only where the webbing on two of his toes got torn apart. Once the swelling goes down they are going to check it out again and make sure he has no torn ligaments, but he looks good thus far. I have since put up deer fence on our side of the fence so this doesn’t happen again. My heart hurts for my poor little doggie, I don’t think I’ve ever spent the night without him. Trying to keep myself busy until I can go pick him up tomorrow afternoon.  


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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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