Short Updates.

Renji resting after his vet trip.
resting after a busy day at the vet.
Renji was sick last week. He got something up his nose, and was making terrible snorty noises. The vet decided that he needed to look up his nose so we had to knock him out and scope his nose, they found hair. Hair doesn’t belong in the dogs nose. After a round of antibiotics and steroids, and hair removal, he is doing much better. (we assume he had snorted the hair up there)
This makes me LOL
fun, fun, fun!
But just days before he was due back for his check up I noticed a smell. It took me a few days to realize where it was coming from. It was his bum. Aiko had anal gland issues a few years ago, I guess now it was Renji’s turn. Thankfully his wasn’t impacted like her’s was. But DAMN does he stink, Aiko’s didn’t stink at all.
Renji's sad face.
i don’t stink, that’s just mean.
So today at the vet he got his all clear from his nose, he got his vaccinations, and he got his butt cleaned out.
I’ve also been knitting, I’ve got friends with babies so I’ve been making baby gifts.
Penelope hat
I found this pattern here from ravelry. I adore it.

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1 Response to Short Updates.

  1. Stacy says:

    I love that little hat! You're so talented lady 🙂 All I ever managed to knit was a pot holder. Haha

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