Scratchgravel Hills hike June 5th

Sunday we hiked Scratchgravel Hills, We entered the area from Norris Rd. To get to the parking lot you head North on Montana, until you reach Sierra. Then Left on Sierra to Green Meadow, Right (North) on Green Meadow to Norris, Left (West) on Norris to the parking area.
GPS trail map
this is the gist of what we hiked, we actually started where we ended ( about the 2 mi mark) but I forgot to start the GPS.
Horseback riders
As we were driving up the dirt road to the parking lot, we passed 2 ladies on horseback. It didn’t take them long to pass us once we were on foot.
every time the trail forked we took turns picking which way we would go, Paul always wanted to go up, up, and up. Which means he spends a lot of time waiting for me, because I am a huge wuss, with no stamina. I always choose the gradual up, or level path.
pink flowers
he also gets to wait a lot because i like to stop and take lots of pictures.
Paul, waiting for me
he is getting good at waiting.
more pretty flowers
Helena Valley
View of Helena North Valley from one of the hills we went up.
Scratchgravel Hills
The real big hill that we didn’t go up.
Pretty flowers with Paul in the background.
Helena Valley
another view of the valley from the hills.
Me!! (and my new hair, that I still need to blog about)
some cool rocks.
bugs on a flower
weed flowers
and rocks
V stump
naughty tree stump
me again!
here is where I wished for a telephoto lens, even though he let me get pretty close.
Deer Tooth
On our way out we found a deer skeleton
Scratchgravel Hills
one last look before we say goodbye
view more photos HERE or HERE

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  1. hahah! love the naughty tree stump!

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