I am so embarrassed.

They look so sweet and innocent.
We look so sweet and innocent.
wrong! they are highly [un]trained killing machines.
Shortly after braining another toy [braining=destuffing through the head, the way my dogs seem to kill their stuffed animals]. My monsters had to potty.
They have been extremely good about staying in the grassy part of the yard or the gravel driveway, and not running off.
That was until today.
I open the front door and they run out into the grass and start their business, I slip my shoes on and step out to hear Renji barking and running off, followed by Aiko. I look to the direction they are headed and see my neighbors dogs running to greet them. Now I know Aiko just wants to play and meet her neighbors, Renji, well I don’t know his intentions, he hasn’t had much time to play with other dogs since we brought him home. Also my dogs weigh a combined 30 pounds, My neighbor has a full grown black lab and a basset hound, not little dogs. I yell and run, the dogs run the neighbor is yelling at his dogs and running, there was lots of running and yelling, the lab listened very well and got right into his truck, I caught Renji, but Aiko kept getting into the bassets face. I know she wants to play but I don’t know the intentions of the neighbor dog, I don’t know if he will bite if she keeps jumping in his face.
Then the neighbors little girl gets into the mix and sort of grabs Aiko, she thinks she is getting loved by the girl so she starts to nuzzle her. I grab her (Aiko), now with one bad dog under each arm I hang my head in shame and apologize over and over for my rotten dogs being so damn rotten as I trek back to my house, wiggly bad dogs and all.
Now I will have a glass of wine.
I guess this means I need to get serious about dog training, because we can’t have this happening all summer. I know everyone and their dogs will be out more often, so I need to know mine will at least pretend listen to me off the leash.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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