History class has ruined my day.

** final update 6pm: My teacher got back to me, she hadn’t gotten my test, the testing centre had to email it directly to her. she got it put in the system and I now have an A. Hells Yeah!
my day just went from awful to fabulous.
I am so terribly upset, anxious, angry, sad, furious. I can’t even think of enough words to describe the train wreck of emotions I am feeling right now.
On April 29th I took my proctored final exam, I had some problems with submitting it and they had to exit out completely and I had to finalize it on another computer. I had this overwhelming fear that all my work had been lost.
The day I went in to take my exam I had a 68% in the class, I could have not taken the final at all and left with a D. Today (yeah a whole 3 weeks later) I finally got my grade. It was a D. Panic, anxiety, fear, anger. Something must have happened to my final exam. I am so upset, mostly because I e-mailed the teacher 3 weeks ago and told her what happened and asked her to notify me if my exam was blank. That is the only thing I can think of, because there is no way, none whatsoever, that I completely failed the exam. I would have had to get a zero, and that’s not possible.
I have put in a call to my advisor because my teacher doesn’t reply to e-mails (i did send her one anyway, but don’t expect a response) They have contacted the testing centre and the history department. I hopefully will have an answer by early next week. I just hope the answer isn’t “re-take the final.”
This single class had made me re-think my working on my Bachelors with UMUC. I am going to go to Carroll and see if I can transfer in the fall, if they will take my credits. I only have 3-6 credit hours towards my Major and the rest are gen. ed. which I am pretty sure will transfer. But I am totally sick of the shit I have gone through this semester. It’s been a huge stressful pain in the ass. The teacher was inattentive and didn’t seem to give a shit about even us learning. She also couldn’t spell to save her life.
I admit I slacked off a little in this class, I don’t think I earned an A, but I certainly did not earn a D.
Hopefully I’ll have a followup Monday or Tuesday.
*update 5pm friday*
I just got an e-mail back from my History teacher, she is looking into my grade. I hope it’s just an oversight on her part and not anything more.

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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