Farmers Market

I was very hopeful upon arriving at the farmers market this morning. We walked up and there was a big truck from the Mennonite colony that is in Wolf Creek, several booths of potted flowers and starter plants, even a few herbs. But beyond the plants and herbs it was almost all hippy dippy shit, pottery, tye dye, hand made baby clothes, crotched hats and booties, and wood carvings. There was some neat stuff, hand made soap, local honey, kettle corn, and one neat knitting booth, with yarn and raw fiber.

I was overall unimpressed. I really wanted more fruits, veggies, you know the stuff you expect from a farmers market. I think because it’s still cold here, things are just starting to grow. It’s just now started to warm up this week, this is the first week since we got here temperatures haven’t dipped below freezing during the day. I have faith that when spring progresses there will be more fruits and veggies available.


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One Response to Farmers Market

  1. sherri lynn says:

    I love going to the farmers market! Those earrings are beautiful!

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