Do you ever want to just throw everything away and start over?
Lately I’ve been feeling very minimalist, which is strange considering my husband calls me a hoarder. But I want to get rid of my giant entertainment center, my sofa and love seat, coffee tables and end tables, dining room table, bedroom set (even though I do love it). I want to get rid of it all, and re-decorate. small things, more open space. I feel crowded. Strange to feel crowded considering I am living in one of the most wide open space in the lower 48 states. Our closest neighbor is about 100 meters away in any direction.
So if I could start over I’d do my living room in Ikea.
I love this chandelier, i love most that you can use candles or electricity.

I love how cute and fat these look.
And I already have one that looks just like this but with a red shade. I lurve red.

I love how simple this is. And its got a little country feel to it. I think I would change the drawer handles though.

Because I am eliminating all of my previous cabinet/shelf space in the living room I need more shelves. I’d get two of these, one for either side of the tv stand. I would also get them in white but I grabbed the grey picture because you can see it better.

This would suffice to eat off of (because we fail at using the kitchen table, hence me wanting to get rid of it) and it has an extra shelf for magazines or whatever.
and the matching end tables.

I think these are the coolest things I have ever seen.

and last but not least
These look so cozy, and I love the chaise.
You can combine them so the chaise is part of the sofa, but I think I’d put the chaise separate under the big window in the living room.

I leave you with this:
It’s totally full of awesome, and superness.

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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One Response to minimalist

  1. Stacy says:

    I love this Alana! I feel the same way often…we're in a cramped apartment and there are days I just want to throw everything out the window and start over. Ross calls me the opposite of a hoarder because I hate saving things. haha

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