Fill in the blank Friday!

Fill In the blank Friday!
(thursday night)

1. What I love most about my home is well… we sort of settled when we found it, every home we looked at was either a dump or too small, mostly they were dumps though. But I love that our home is rural, I love that we have an inclosed, insulated garage, we have lots of space, and we have each other.

2. I’m excited because, My sister is getting married, My doggies have been good today, I have been on 2 bike rides this week, the dishes are mostly done.

3. My preferred method for blowing off steam when I’m frustrated is to have some wine, or cry, I cry a lot .

4. Currently I am craving sleep, but it’s 11 pm… maybe a breakfast burrito .

5. The thing I love most about my mom is everything? she is easy to talk to, understanding, fun to be around, silly, good listener, and she’s smart too .

6. If I was going to write a book about my life, the title would be “Never Ending Madness” Because that’s how I feel the life of a military family is .

7. If I were to eat one thing for the rest of eternity it would be I am going to agree with Lauren and go with bread and cheese, baguette and brie. yum, that sounds good right now .

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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2 Responses to Fill in the blank Friday!

  1. Rockin' Mama says:

    My dishes are still not done either…ha.Happy Friday!

  2. I went with cheese and bread too. BEST COMBINATION EVER.

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