List of a different kind!

I again apologize for not posting often, I’ve been wrapping up school, still not feeling well, and trying to have a life outside of the internet.
Today I’d like to start out with a different list, this one isn’t part of the 30 day list challenge, but it’s my personal to do list for the day. Today is my day off and I have TONS to do. Including write a stupid paper.
List of a different kind
and the list challenge (trying to play catch-up)
list 10
1. be better at $$ management. (I should start by doing my taxes I guess… so add that to todays to do list)
2. finish school (this isn’t happening any time soon, because I hate online classes)
3. loose a few pounds (working on that!)
4. be more green (we were so much better in Okinawa, with recycling and composting and such, not so much here though. That makes me sad)
5. Have more FUN! (life has been a little boring lately and I need to pick it up since it’s warming up and have fun!)
6. open my online store. (I’ve talked about it. I am a very crafty and creative person, i am also lazy and hat has been the winning personal quality of mine lately, but I want to get my shit in gear and do something!)
list 9
{i guess these aren’t all really favorites, but the ones i spend the most time on. except failbook. i am passionately in love with failbook}

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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