Things I am looking forward to…

Day 3: Things I am looking forward to
List day 2
{picture taken in the snow for dramatic effect}

Last night Paul and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s our date night tradition, we go and we have fried pickles and enjoy beers and play buzz time trivia. Last night was the first time we have gone on a Friday, we normally go on Saturday. It was weird the buzztime questions were of strange nature and in a strange format and we were lost and confused and sore losers.
Then we came home and watched our date night movie, 127 hours.

127 hours is based on the true story of a young man who goes out into the Utah desert for a day trip, he goes alone and doesn’t tell anyone where he is going. Well the worst that could happen did. He fell and a rock fell and in a small crevice between two rocks he got stuck, his hand was smushed between a rock and a hard place. The movie goes on for the 127 hours he was stuck in the canyon and is quite dramatic and very sad. I cried at the end. If you know the story then you know how it ends, but I wont spoil it for you. It’s a great movie and I am really glad we rented it.

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