How to wake your human, A lesson from AIko McCawley

Aiko gives the stink eye to all who do not rise from the bed when she is ready to get up.

This morning started like many other, I wanted to sleep in and Renji said no, so he got put in the box (kennel) and Aiko and I curled up in bed for another 30 min of sleep. At about 9:30 she decided sleep time was done and it was time to rise and shine. I did not agree, I worked the day before and was up late last night and was tired as hell.
So I rolled to my side and ducked under the covers, Aiko then decides the best course of action is pace back and forth on my kidneys. This gets me to roll on my back, however still hiding under the covers. She comes to my side and starts to dig at the top of the covers, this sometimes means “let me in, I want to snuggle!”, not today, it meant “let me in so I can slobber on your face to wake you up!”.
After getting covered in drool I was able to hide from her again, still on my back. She then she decides to stand on my sternum and try to pull the sheets off my face with her teeths, once again she gains access to my face instead of slobber-fest she does this thing that I call a snarfle, it can best be described as a cross between, a sigh and a scoff with extra added drool spray. Just as I make eye contact with here and I am about to concede she goes in for more kisses, slobbering all over my forehead and eyes.
Now I am up, Aiko wins this round, tomorrow maybe I’ll slip her a sleeping pill…

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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