Picture of the day: A story of Taco

A long long time ago, in a far away land called Chicopee, there was a girl and a boy. The girl worked in a convenience store and one day one of her co-workers told her about a cat, the cat had a problem, it had gotten knocked up. The coworker could no longer care for the cat who had adopted the coworkers home, and was giving her to a rescue after the kittens were born.

The day the the coworker brought the kittens and the mama cat to work on their way to the rescue and the girl (alana) met the cat. It was love at first purr. She called her boy and told him about the cat and they agreed that once the cat was old enough to leave his mom they could adopt him.
After months and weeks of waiting they were able to adopt the cat. They brought him home one cold winter afternoon and he began his new life as Taco McCawley. Taco was a silly cat and loved to curl up on his dads neck as they played video games. Soon Taco learned that he would be traveling internationally, his family was moving to Japan! This meant that Taco would have to go to the vet several times for lots of tests to make sure he was healthy. Then one cold winter day his family began the cross country trek to Seattle to catch the flight to Japan.
The flight wasn’t too bad, but having to live in a kennel until his parents found a home was no fun. As soon as he moved into his new home things were fantastic. Shortly after the move Taco got a sister Aiko, and about a year later he got a brother Renji, they are of a different kind, smaller and not as agile as him, but still furry. After three years in Japan, It was time for Taco and his family to move back to America, which meant more vet visits, but not too many shots this time.
Arrival in Montana was cold, and living in a hotel was no fun, but soon Taco and his family found a big home with stairs and lots of windows to sleep in. And that brings us to today. Taco is enjoying his new home and his cat tower by the window. He is a big happy cat, and can not wait for more adventure.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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