Adventure to Big Sky Country

Well it’s the new year. Happy 2011!

I failed at the blogging thing in November, but the move was just way too insane. Obviously we made it back to America safe and sound, the flight was long and boring but we made it. We did almost miss our connecting flight in Tokyo because we only had about an hour, and that’s not enough to pick up the dogs, and check them back in. We also were not booked in seats next to each other on the long Tokyo flight but some nice Japanese guys switch so we could be together.
The dogs and cat weathered the flight quite well and were happy once we finally got into our rental car and headed for Tucson. The drive was also long LAX to Tucson took us about 9-10 hours but we had to stop often for the pups to potty because their potty schedules were all messed up because of the flight. And we finally got into Tucson well after dark.
Our week in Tucson was full of good food and lots of sleep. We both ended up mildly sick because my sister is a disease carrier. We got to see some friends and family and picked up our new Jeep Patriot. Then Monday morning we packed up to head up to Montana!
The drive was rough, the first night we were trying to get to Bryce Canyon, Ruby’s Inn Lodge, where we stayed 3 years ago on our way to seattle. It’s a nice little hotel and it’s pet friendly which is necessary since we have 3 furry kids in tow. It was a long day and about an hour before Bryce the temperature began to plummet. We got down to about -10 that night. Quite a shock since when we left Okinawa 10 days before it was about 75 degrees.
We continued on the next day and wanted to make it to Idaho Falls, but about 10 miles north of Salt Lake City we hit a massive snow storm, visibility was about 10 feet, after we passed a terrible accident (which we could hardly see due to the blowing snow) we decided to get off the freeway, we stopped at some truck stop real close to the Idaho border and sat for about 2 hours waiting out the storm. We were parked about 50 feet from the building and at times you couldn’t tell it was there. Once the visibility got to about 100 yards we decided to get back on the road. We made it to Pocatello that night, we saw several more very bad accidents and decided it would be best to just stop for the night.
The next day was slow, we started out late hoping for the roads to be clearer, which they weren’t we had to use tire chains for several hours, which meant going no faster than about 35. We made it into Montana and I saw my first ever bald eagle, I also saw a buffalo that day. Late that night we made it into Helena. We checked into our hotel and went to the bar for food, there we met our first (and so far only) friend here, Nick the bartender. We spent about a week in the hotel, we had Thanksgiving in a little diner on the side of the road. But it was nice.
Finding a house was a painful process, not much was available and the ones that were were either dumps or too small. We found one house that was just the right size but it was a shit hole, purple kitchen, cabinets and carpet from the 70’s the rooms were all half painted and dumpy, it was awful. I wanted to give up, but as we were leaving that house an agent called me back about a house that she had just come available we drove out to see it and I started to cry. After a week of looking at dumps we finally found “it”. Our paperwork cleared and we were set to move in on the 1st of December, the night before we went out to dinner to celebrate, we went to a chinese buffet. The next day we were both violently ill, and move in was postponed.
We finally moved in on the second and we got a futon mattress to sleep on and curled up on the floor and that’s how we slept for about a week until our new mattress was delivered. We watched TV on a box and made dinner out of one pan until our express shipment got here, then we had more dishes and clothes but still no real furniture. On the 29th our household goods got here and now we are nearly complete. we have beds and desks and couches and TVs. We are slowly working on unpacking, yesterday I was useless, I think I unloaded the dishwasher twice and did some organizing in the living room. Today is shaping up to be the same. I’m exhausted from unpacking all day on the 29th and 30th my back hurts and I just want to lay around. Plus it’s ungodly cold outside, -7. Yes you read that right NEGATIVE SEVEN, and it’s nearly noon. we wont get much warmer today I don’t think.

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