I’m going to try to do NaBloPoMo this year, Even though I am already 2 days off. It’s going to be super hard because we are moving this month from Okinawa to Montana.

Actually the movers come tomorrow to pick up our express shipment of stuff we want in Montana ASAP. Stuff like winter clothes, a radio, blankets, towels, some dishes, pots & pans. We are frantically getting shit together for tomorrows pickup because we are lazy asses and procrastinated.
So far this move has not been very smooth. It all started 2 saturdays ago when Paul got home from Recruiters school in SoCal. First thing monday morning he back to his work here to begin the check out process, so we can get orders and a flight date, this is normally done about a month in advance but since P had almost no notice that he was leaving for RS school nothing got done prior to him leaving and after the school they want you recruiting within 30 days, yeah that isn’t going to happen with us trying to move back from Japan.
So anyway he begins the process, schedules the movers and our move out of the house we are in now. The USMC has given us a flight window of Nov 10-20 and we asked for a date of the 15th. Today is the 2nd and we still don’t have a flight date. We have movers tomorrow, Thursday and Monday. Friday we have to take the animals to the vet to get their health certificates so we can all fly, and then we have to drive an hour or so down to Naha to get everything stamped by customs and approved. Well the dog stuff will only happen if we are flying before next friday, If our flight is later we will just change the dog appt to next week some time.
Monday is our last day in our home, and then we will move into a hotel until we fly, hopefully sooner rather than later. We also still need to sell my car, my iPhone, the full size bed, and trash bunches and bunches of stuff. I win for procrastination, I could have done so much while Paul was in school but I fail.

I need to try to put together a post from when my ‘rents were here with all the lovely pictures, incase you aren’t already stalking me on facebook.
If you are reading this and you are doing NaBloPoMo leave me your blog link so I can follow!
Good luck to all!

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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