Salmon Feta Pasta

Salmon Feta Pasta

This is an adaptation from a recipe out of my Dieters Cookbook.
I saw this recipe and it looked so good, and it’s full of things I love, Salmon, Feta, Pasta, Tomato and Olive!
here is what you need:
some salmon, about a pound. more or less you could put as much in as you want I imagine
some tomatoes, I used 4 roma tomatoes
green onions (or scallions whatever you call them) about 5-6
half a block of feta cheese, about 4 oz
a small can of sliced olives ( I used the ones with jalapenos)
olive oil
1/2 a box (8oz dry) of rotini pastas
So you cook the pasta according to the box, drain and set aside, but try to keep it warm.
While it is cooking cut your salmon in to about 1 inch cubes and lightly sprinkle with salt, also cut up your tomatoes into bite size pieces. Chop the green peppers and cut the feta up. It may be easier to used pre-crumbled feta but that was more expensive for less, so I just cut it up.
Heat up a pan with a little olive oil and cook up the salmon until it is done, then add in your tomatoes, green onions and olives (drain the olive can first).
the recipe called for fresh basil, which I didn’t have so I sprinkled some dry basil on at this point. Cover the mix and let warm throughly, until onions are wilted.
Stir everything together, with the feta and a little olive oil (about 1tbsp) and you have an amazing, low calorie, light dinner!

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