I don’t know what I want

Our City: (Gushikawa)

This impending doom of a move has really taken a hold of me, stressed me out, stretched me thin, and mostly made me think about how I will miss it here. Then Paul throws me a curve ball, he wants to put his extension paperwork in anyway, even though we have orders. So now there are three possible scenarios on the table. We have no say in any of them, it’s all up to the Marine Corps and where they decide they want to put Paul.

1. Paul leaves in August, comes back in early November. In November we will pack up and ship out, to our destination in the states.
2. Paul gets his RD orders pushed back, he leaves in October, comes back in December-January. When he gets back we will pack up and ship out to our destination in the states.
3. His extension get approved, we stay here until The end of 2011 begining of 2012 and then we go wherever the MC wants him.
I have been planning on option 1 for several weeks, over a month. I have come to terms with it. I was content in the idea that I would be doing my Christmas shopping at Target, lounging in our new house for New Years, eating at our favorite restaurant On The Border for Valentines day.
Number 2 would be super, he would be here when my parents came to visit, though he may be in a class where he wouldn’t be available much, he’d still be here. We could finish off the year in Okinawa but I’d be alone for Thanksgiving, Our anniversary and Christmas.
Now the curve ball, number 3. I love Okinawa. I really really do. Giving us another year would give us a chance to do all the things we have put off doing, Tokyo, China, Okuma, hiking, camping, scuba certification, snorkeling, hanging out with our dear friends we have made, and just making the most of what we would know for sure would be our last year here. We could also try to get Paul’s family out here for a visit.
I really had gotten used to number 1, but number 3 is so alluring. If I were told to make a choice right now, I don’t know what I would choose.
I would probably just implode.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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