at the vet with the monsters

Today’s vet stuff went very unexpected. Of all the animals to have a reaction, Taco did. Vaccines were given at about 1030 am, we were home by 1130 fixing to take Renji up for his sick appt at 130, well at about 1220 Taco made this terrible noise, sounded like he was in great pain, I jumped up just in time to see him begin to violently vomit all over the kitchen floor. I called the vet and was told to bring him back in, so we packed up Renji and Taco and we rushed up there. Taco is fine, they think it was stress induced vomiting, he got a shot just incase it was allergies and a anti-vomit shot. Renji got seen about his tummy, he has an abundance of normal bacteria in his tummy, so it’s supposed to be there, he just has too much. Also they think he likely has a sensitive tummy, so we’ll be switching him to a high quality (expensive) food once we wean him off of the bland diet next week. All in all today went well, Renji hopefully will be able to get his second round of vaccines sometime in the next two weeks and we’ll get him microchipped then too. Lots of crazy going on here, but I think we are finally on the track to him being a healthy monster dog again.

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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