Okinawa gets attacked by Gobi Desert Sand

The LA times news story regarding the sand

Air quality is “very bad for the health,” China’s national weather bureau warned. It said people should cover their mouths when outside and keep doors and windows closed.

China’s expanding deserts now cover one-third of the country because of overgrazing, deforestation, urban sprawl and drought. The shifting sands have led to a sharp increase in sandstorms, the grit from which can travel as far as the western United States.


These first two pictures are looking out at the ocean, normally after the trees you can see in the distance, there are some buildings and then the ocean, it’s about a mile away. You normally can see way out into the ocean and off in the distance there is a little island. Also this is taken at about noon, it looks very late in the day.

Just driving through town, again visibility is normally a few miles, here you can hardly see a few blocks.

This last one is in the evening, about 5pm, taken from my house, if you look closely you can almost see the ocean, visibility is still about a mile.


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