Manic Monday

First off, I really shouldn’t be blogging, I should be working on my paper for History, or reading for Government, or studying for Environmental Science. (why yes, I am taking too many classes again this term, why do you ask?) but that’s no matter, I want to blog.

Monday’s topic- Fitness/Diet/Healthy
With homecoming fast approaching it’s time for me to work on shedding those deployment pounds, and then some. I’m going to be brutally honest about myself because this is my blog and I can say what I want, but not only am I overweight (to myself and according to my BMI) but I am painfully out of shape. I get winded running up to the third floor. I get tired walking the dog around the block. I am a lazy person, and being overwhelmed in school doesn’t help.
I’ll start with diet.
I’ve been reading alot about Atkins, it speaks of rapid weight loss and still remaining healthy. More or less you are seriously limiting carbs, no sugars, and no caffeine. 20 grams of carbs a day to start, normally in a day I consume 150-180 grams. I love bread, noodles and sandwiches. all are huge carb adders to my diet. fortunatly meat, chicken, beef, fish, pork, not breaded and fried have 0 carbs. I thought this would be easy, get some carbs from veggies and eat lots of meat, I like meat, I can have all the sashimi, steaks, and chicken wings I want.
I started last monday, 1 week ago today. I lasted 2 days before I broke down and had oatmeal for breakfast. every day since then I have passed the 20 gram a day carb mark, but my average daily carbs is around 50 grams, so not too bad, i think. I’ve lost 4 pounds, I notice my pants are a little looser, I don’t feel great but I am getting over a cold. I’ve also almost completely cut sugar out, havn’t had a soda in a week, (well I had a coke zero today, but no real sugar, no carbs, and no calories) I’ve been eating lots of fish and veggies, last night for dinner I had asparagus and salmon, it was yummy!!!! My hardest part is low carb breakfasts, I am getting sick of eggs, and I don’t much feel like a steak in the morning. I sleep in so when it comes to breakfast it needs to be grab and go. which is why I like oatmeal. I know i am not sticking to Atkins as prescribed, but I have found that when my carbs are lower than 30, I feel like shit. So I am going to compensate and eat what I need to feel good. Like today for lunch I had soba, 1 1/2 cups of soba noodles is about 36 grams of carbs, but you know what? I wanted it. so there.
As soon as my nose stops draining and my cough stops I’ll likely start back up at the gym again, until then I am going to start today with doing some workouts at home and around here. I’ve got light weights. I have workout DVD’s; P90X, Biggest Looser, Billy Blanks. I just need to stop watching South Park in my spare time and working out instead.
Overall Healthy Lifestyle.
I just want to modify my life for the better, I am eating way more organic produce, and meats, I eat less processed foods. And I feel better, about myself and in general.
I read somewhere in my quest for healthy living that the healthiest grocery shopping is done along the walls. Think about it; produce? against the wall; fresh meats? against the wall; milk, eggs, cheese, dairy? against the wall; Fresh breads? against the wall. over processed, full of added crap, sugars, High fructose corn syrups? in the isles. I try to avoid the isles at all costs. (also cause I despise fighting people through them at the commissary) but some things I need, canned veggies, which i still support. Frozen dinners and veggies (Love me some Lean Cuisine microwave panini! and broccoli with cheese) I don’t eat potato chips, I do eat tortilla chips, I stopped drinking soda, except the occasional coke zero or sugar free redbull. I love salads and roasted veggies.
Also along with the lifestyle changes, I love being outside, I just wish Okinawa would get with the program and warm the hell up and stop RAINING!!!
well that is all for my blogging today, stay tuned tomorrow for… Military Life/Deployment

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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