It could always be worse

I just have to keep telling myself.
School is going well, social life is good, talked to Paul last night so that’s fantastic.
Then last night I went to bed. Packed up the laptop and carried it upstairs, as I do every night. Put it on the bed, plugged it in opened it back up and the display didn’t come on. I wigle the mouse thinking maybe It just went to sleep or is stuck i sleep mode, no dice. So I manual power off and reboot. Unfortunatly at this point I already know what is wrong, I’m just trying to prove myself wrong. Still nothing. I do the reboot: unplug, remove battery hold power button for 30 seconds, battery back, plug in an power on. Laptop powers up, fans come on, keyboard lights up…. No display.
Several months ago I had an issue with the display going out but it always came back, after some research I found that the video card in my model is known to fail. They will almost always fix it under warranty within two years of purchase. My two years was up about 30 days ago.
This morning I called Apple in Japan, and they are going to pick my laptop up Sunday. Ship it to a fixer place. And I should have it back in about 10 days. And there is a chance it’ll still be warranty. This is great.
So I had a nice lunch with Joselyn and on my way home I ran over a bolt. Huge bolt. Thankfully I made it to the auto shop and I am now waiting on a tire repair.

It could be worse.


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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