I am going to try to get more active on here (like I don’t already have enough to do…) but M-F I will be trying to post about specific things (or not so specific, you’ll see) Wednesday is now Japan Day. Each Wednesday I’ll try to post something about life in Japan.

Today= Driving
(click on picture for larger image)
almost everyone in Okinawa has a scooter, and if you don’t, you know someone who does, these things are everywhere. They also have little regard for the law, they will go before the light is green, pass everyone on the shoulder of the road just to get in front, and drive like total asses most of the time.

In most of the neighborhoods we have these mirrors, see that one with the reflection of the little car in it? I would have never known he was there had the mirror not been here (perfect timing). That’s because most of the back streets have completely blind intersections and without these mirrors there would be lots and lots of fender-benders.
just a shot of a bus with a cute sign on it.
Gahhh we drive on the wrong side of the road!!!
I live in an area that is fairly suburban, but this is pretty typical a small two lane road, apartments and a few cars.
the end.
stay tuned tomorrow for…..
Thursday- Around the interwebs, where i’ll find and share interesting thing(s) that I find.


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