Oh Happy Day

Today is quite possibly my favorite Holiday.

Since I can remember it’s been a big deal in my family. On my Moms side it’s always been important because their is a tradition on that side of the family to get married on Thanksgiving when it falls on the 23rd of November ( I continued this tradition). So you can see how this has been a big deal. Also I love turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans.
On Dads side it was a time where we could all come together and it was pretty entertaining. Also grandpa made the best rolls (well he bought them, but they were still the best).
Growing up with a pretty big extended family, Thanksgiving was all about spending time with family, and all the fun and drama that comes with it. Now as an adult, living the traveling military life Thanksgiving is about friends, and little to no drama. I can’t say which I like better, they both have ups and downs.
Last year we started a tradition with our friends of Sushi. Hey we are in Japan, why not do it Japanese style? This year our neighbors are having a big Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, and me never being one to pass up Turkey, added our names to the list of attendees. I am so excited this year because we get to have our Japanese Thanksgiving for dinner and American Thanksgiving for lunch, the best of both worlds. Turkey and Tuna.
OH! and I am making a ham, and my house smells freaking amazing right now.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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