I’ve been thinking

I am taking an introductory Political Science class this term. I know very little about politics and feel that in order to make informed decisions as a voter I should be educated. I’ve always had some general beliefs, I am not sure yet if I am Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, or even if I am a Republican or a Democrat. I hope by the end of this term I can have a better grasp on what I am, and what I stand for.
So far I believe that:

Freedom of religion. we should all be free to follow any religious movement that we choose, without persecution.

Women should have equal rights, and be treated equally in the work place.
but I also support women in traditional family roles. I think that being a mom, being a home maker, being a housewife are all honorable jobs. I ‘d love to stay at home and raise babies. But there are other things I want more.

I strongly think that EVERYONE should be REQUIRED BY LAW to recycle, reduce & reuse. I would not go to far as to call myself an environmentalist but I don’t understand why we should create so much trash and waste out of things that can be reused. We have the power to keep our planet healthy and we should do so.

I am pro-choice. My body, My choice.

I think everyone who is legally in this country should have low cost health care available to them. There is no reason in our country today people should be without health care. I think every one has the right to be healthy.

I support the death penalty. I also don’t think it need to be humane. It’s the death penalty, it’s supposed to be scary, that’s why we have it.

I support Freedom of Speech. But I think there are certain instances that there should be limits to this. Like those assholes that picket soldiers funerals. There should be laws against disrupting funeral services, and religious gatherings.

People who are cruel to animals should be severely punished. This includes animals that are bred for food. they should be kept in humane conditions for the duration of their lives.

Another strong belief of mine is same sex marriage. I don’t understand – why not? Everyone has the right to love, everyone should have the right to marry.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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