deploy |diˈploi|
verb [ trans. ]
move (troops) into position for military action : forces were deployed at strategic locations.
• [ intrans. ] (of troops) move into position for such action : the air force began to deploy forward.
• bring into effective action; utilize : they are not always able to deploy this skill.

yep, that about sums it up.

I’m not going to lie and say this has been a piece of cake. It’s only been 14 days and I have already decided that Paul is coming home, we are moving back to the states and he is getting a safe, non-deployable job at Walmart.
Okay maybe not really, but that’s how I wanted it for a few days. I’ve started to finally pull out of the worst I think. The terrible fears are beginning to subside. It’s not getting easier, but I am learning to deal with my emotions better. School is finally over, well until Monday I start again. 4 classes, World History, Pre-Algebra, Oceanography & Grammar.
I’ve been working on my fitness, umm… trying to. I’ve run down to the beach a few times. I’d do it more often but a) It’s freakishly hot, and b) i’ve been on the verge of a mega panic attack for 2 weeks and sometimes leaving the house didn’t seem like a great idea. It’s hard to leave the house at all because i never know when he will call, and he cant call the cell. Only the house. Last night he called at 245 am, i was a zombie because i had taken my new ‘relax’ pill and was totally out of it, i remember him calling, and after a few seconds asking me if he woke me up, i guess i wasnt making much sense. I don’t remember anything else. I wish I did, I really treasure hearing from him. As hard as this is I know it will make us so much stronger.
Two weeks down, about 37-ish left.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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3 Responses to Deployment

  1. Ashley Ann says:

    Ughhh I know the feeling girl. We are 7mths down, 5 more to go. I'm not going to feed you the whole hang in there story, you know you have to. But I will say staying busy helps. I've been at home everyday for the last 7mths. Now I am a full time student and the last 7 days have flown by, it's so sad, lol!!!

  2. laurenAshley says:

    hang in there girl.. sounds like you're getting through the "worst" of it. i'm impressed you're keeping up with school and working out.. i'd just want to curl up in my bed and be depressed for a solid month or so hahaa. keep it up!!! :]

  3. Anonymous says:

    AlanaI am thinking of you all the time and I know it is hard. I talked to him at 6AM my time east coast. He sounded good – said he was going to send a list of items – My love too you – Mom2

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