Today I have started my routine to help get me through this deployment. I want to have a routine so the days go by quicker and hopefully I can adopt some habits that will impress P when he gets home. 

Exercise Routine (elastic extends are working that body part with one of those elastic resistance bands)
  • walk Aiko twice 
  • three sets of 20 pushups
  • three sets of 10 leg elastic extends
  • three sets of 10 arm elastic extends 
  • walk/jog or cardio for 30 min
  • walk Aiko twice
  • three sets of 20 weights arms (curls and up’s)
  • walk/jog 2 mile or 40 min cardio
  • walk Aiko twice
  • three sets of 10 leg elastics 
  • three sets of 20 lunges
  • 60 min cardio
  • walk Aiko Twice 
  • three sets of 20 pushups
  • three sets of 20 arm elastic
  • walk/jog 3+ miles or 60+ min cardio
  • walk Aiko twice
  • gym for 90 min- cardio, weights & stairs
  • walk Aiko at least once a day
  • Cardio 60+ min
  • three sets of 20 pushups
exercise isnt set in stone (except for dog walks, that is a must), I will just do what my body lets me do, and if things start to get to easy I will add more, and change up the routine.

  • put shoes away
  • dishes done before bed
  • food in bokashi
  • downstairs bath picked up
  • kitchen picked up
  • workout stuff put away
  • clean my side of bed
  • put away dog toys
  • laundry done
  • laundry put away
  • garbage out
  • dog poo picked up
  • cat box scooped
  • vacuum   
  • stairs swept 
  • drive P’s car
  • clean toilets 
  • change sheets every two weeks
  • clean out fridge
so far today i’ve walked Aiko and I decided to do some yoga to boost my spirit. i’m going to do some pushups right after i finish this. all and all I think that this routine thing is going to be really good for me, and I am determined to stick to it. 

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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One Response to Routine

  1. ashley ann says:

    Way to go lady!!! I am hoping the time goes by fast!!!

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