Shuri Castle (few words mostly pictures)

Shuri Castle was almost completely destroyed during WWII battle of Okinawa 1945 and was reconstructed in the early 90’s, opened in 1992 as a tourist attraction.
(these pictures are totally out of order)
At the entrace to the actual castle 
inside the castle at the tea rooms, that opened up to a beautiful garden 
(we had to take our shoes off in the castle it was so cool)

at the big bell

at one of the highest viewpoints on the castle grounds

on the way out, totally pooped and so hot!

Paul sitting under a pretty parasol thing in the air conditioning 

inside the castle in front of the throne

the king’s chill spot he would talk to his peeps here

after the castle we walked out the the pond and lake that are adjoining the park/castle grounds
we found DUCKLINGS!!!

and really mean geese duck things

there was a really pretty island in the middle of the pond 


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