In a funk

lately I’ve been in a funk, and I desperately need to find my way out. Quite a bit is going on in the Paul and Alana residence. P is training for his upcoming deployment, A has been knee deep in school. But I seem to be slowly loosing all motivation, I’ve stopped knitting, I dont think I’ve touched my needles in months, (sorry Nikki, I promise Chael will get his blanket before he’s five) i’ve been trying to read, but with school it’s been hard. I had finals last week though so I will have more time for myself. I’ve also stopped loosing weight, in-fact the scale has gone up a few pounds.

So i’m making my mid year resolutions:
  • knit at least one hour a week
  • no starting new knitting projects until Chael’s Blankie is done
  • continue to make time for school (summer term doesn’t start for 3 weeks so I’ve gont plenty of time)
  • read every day, something besides a text book or the internet. even if it’s just a magazine article
  • walk Aiko twice a day weather permitting. 
  • run/jog at least once a week, more preferably
  • get to the gym once a week for weight training
  • do dishes every day, even if it’s just one plate, dishes must be done before bed.
  • yoga once a week, even if it’s just wii fit yoga.
just to break it down more:
knitting needs to get done, I just spent a large sum of money on yarn, so I must knit, I must!
I’ve got a few weeks before summer term starts but i’d like to take some time to go through my text books before classes start. 
I also have a problem with ordering books online, I have about 20 books I need to read. 
Aiko is crazy, she needs to release some energy, I think walking her twice a day for atleast a mile can really help her not be a crazy beast.
though my weight loss has stalled, I am not too concerned, what does concern me is, despite the fact I have lost over 20 pounds, my body still doesnt look good, I’m not expecting supermodel (yet) but since I was loosing with pretty much diet alone, I feel I really need to focus on the exercise part of weight loss, I need to tone, to build muscle. I think if I could do that, it would certainly help some of my body issues. 
and the dishes is a given, I suck and housework, I suck even more at dishes, but it’s bug season and we live 15 feet from the jungle so bugs are going to be a serious issue if I dont get my shit in gear. 
I am determined to find my motivation while P is in cali. All will be well, as long as I keep my positive outlook.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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