A Banana with a plan

(I’m the Banana… get it…. Alana Banana… yeah I know I’m dangerous)

Not that anyone else but me cares, but I want to just put this out there, because I am going to try to accomplish something amazing.
So I’m in college, and I’m double majoring in History and Environmental Management, with a minor in English.
My school does 8 week terms instead of semesters, so we cram a whole 3 credit course into 8 weeks! 5 terms a year (including summer) yeah!!!
My plan is for me to get 30-37 credits out of the next year (that’s alot)
here goes 
Summer (starting June)
  • ENGL 312 (3) British Lit
  • BIOL 120 (3) botany
Fall (Term I)
  • NSCI 100 (3) Natural Science
  • HIST 115 (3) World History I
  • MATH 012 (3) not quite stupid but not ready for college math, math
Fall (Term II) *this term Andrea (sister) will be here so I’ll take it easy
  • ENMT 301 (3) Environment and Ecosystems Management
  • MATH 112 (3) College Algebra (I think i’m gonna need Andrea for this one)
Spring (Term I) 
  • ENGL 303 (3) Critical approach to lit
  • GEOL 100 (3) Physical Geology
  • GEOL 110 (1) Geology Lab
  • HIST ??? (3) American History (not sure which # yet)
Spring (Term II) (P should come home around end of this term)
  • HIST 116 (3) World History II
  • ENGL 294 (3) Intro to Creative Writing
now this is all subject to change, if i cant handle it i’ll of course drop but i’m doing two 3 credit classes this term and I’ve got an A in my History and a C in Math (but it’s math a C is good for me) at this rate I could (if we extend for 3 more years) leave island with my BA in History and BS in EM
okay now that I got that out i need to study for my History exam tomorrow. 

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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2 Responses to A Banana with a plan

  1. I think that is amazin & you should she be so proud of yourself… you will be busy but the end results will be so worth it.. I wish I would have finished college but I got preggers with my first & in 5yrs I had 3 kids, with no time to go back especially with hubbers work schedule..

  2. Courtney says:

    Good for you! Im so proud =) But am I EVER going to get to hang out w/ my friend again? lol…really though, sounds like a great plan, I look up to you for having such high goals!

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