Happy Earth Day Week!!!

In Honor of Earth Day Week i’m gonna tell you all about my Bokashi and my Door Mat!

i have a lovely door mat with two happy kitties on it

it’s been raining so much and i cant keep it dry, and now it’s growing

in honor of earth day week i am not going to kill these cute little growths, for now at least.

and now my Bokashi
(no dad i didn’t say the other word)
Bokashi Composting is an intensive form of composting that, more or less, pickles the things you are composting and greatly reduces stench. I keep a bowl on my countertop for my scraps, i can put in nearly anything except liquid and bones. everything from meat to eggshells, vegie cuttings to leftover rice. i even put some stale dry cereal in their the other morning. every time you add something you sprinkle this compost magic dust that looks like saw dust and that is what makes it pickle, it contains some kind of micro organisms. or something. The bucket also produces a liquid (see the nozzle at the bottom) that can be diluted and put on plants because it contains lots of yummy stuff that helps them grow happy! 
Once the Bokashi is full i will dig a hole in the back yard and dump the contents into it, and in a few weeks i will have lush compost fertilizer for my garden! 
i dont totally understand how it works, but it keeps my trash from stinking up so i’m not complaining!

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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One Response to Happy Earth Day Week!!!

  1. Courtney says:

    CUTE doormat, I cant wait to rub my muddy feet on it =) WOOHOO for Bokashi, im happy to share the love. Once you start making “juice” you will fall in love even more!See ya over the fence =)

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