These are a few of my favorite things.

as we speak (type?) LaFujiMama is holding a giveaway for some cool measuring spoons, all you need to do is post in her comments your favorite kitchen tool. This gave me an awesome idea for a blog post (since i’ve totally been slacking) run home to your blog and post your favorite kitchen things, Comment me if you do so i can check it out too!
my #1 is a tie between this:

which is a cool slicer thing i got at Nitori, a little target/pier one type store out here that sells cool stuff for not too much money. it’s a slicer chopper, there’s a thing that holds the whatever your slicing too but i forgot to grab it.
next for #1 we have the Vidalia onion wizard which is excellent for making salsa, everything but the cilantro can go into this thing. no more crying over onions!

and #2 (3?)

also i have my bopper chopper which is great for mincing garlic, pickles, onions, or anything you want minced, you just put it in and beat (bop) it repeatedly. (FYI it’s real name isnt the bopper chopper, i have no idea what it’s real name is but i like bopper chopper so thats what i’ll call it)
and finally we have what every good kitchen needs and excellent cookbook (stolen from mom’s house i think, sorry mom) this guy lives permanently on my countertop. i reference it several times a week for substitutes, seasonings, all kinds of stuff, this folks is my kind of cookbook!
so run off and make your post, with pictures of course! and then run over to FujiMama and tell her your fav by Sunday, April 5th for a chance to win! (and if you try her chocolate cake in a coffee mug, tell me how it is, because i am positive that isnt allowed in my diet. it’ll be a few more pounds before i can try that one)

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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