My Search Has Ended

For months(okay maybe a week or so) Paul and i have been searching for three things:

  • Speakers for his computer
  • a new crock pot (3qt, because it’s just the two of us)
  • a magenta ink cartridge for the printer
none of the southern island PX’s have had them, see thats the glory of owning/wanting american appliances and living on a small island with many americans who also own/want the same things and we only have one or two places to get them. and when the island finally gets what your looking for someone always beats you to it. this is the same reason we either have to all wear the same clothes, or order online. (on more than one occasion i’ve been at the same location as someone wearing the same PX bought shirt i was wearing.)
well today, aginst my wishes (i really dont like the drive) we went north to Hansen one of the two northern Marine bases, that dont have much to offer, small PX a food court, and thats about it. But Paul needed a hair cut and didnt want to wait for 3 hours at Foster ( a southern/central island base) which would be crowded on the weekend. So off to Hansen we headed. and guess what we found.

everything we always wanted, and more. Paul also got some body wash and i got a red mt. dew which is really the only soda besides orange fanta that i drink nowadays.

i’m gonna have to crock pot cook this week! i am so excited.


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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