Were moved in! (and the drama that goes along with it!)

Saturday i had class while the movers did their packing, and by the time i got home from school it was almost time to head over to the new house! i was so excited! things were going exactly as planned!

we arrived at the house and the unpacking began, and damn we have alot of stuff! i felt very guilty every time i had to tell them something was going to the third floor but you know what i’m not carrying my bed all the way up there so whatever. then we get to the dresser, for christmas Paul got me this awesome dresser that matches our entertainment center. but its huge! and heavy. they couldn’t get it up the second flight of stairs. so i sort of got pissed. it’s going up damn-it! well after about 20 min they got it up the stairs, thankfully!
that night Paul had duty. so i got to spend the first night alone, i got alot of unpacking done. at about midnight i got a call from Paul, he had locked his keys in his car at Foster (about 45 min away) so i had to head down there and get his keys out. when i got back i decided to go to bed, so i grabbed a movie and my laptop and started watching in bed. i fell asleep half way through my movie and when i woke up i turned on the light to put away the computer and i saw on the wall across from me a GIANT WOLF SPIDER. now we all know i am an exaggerator but i swear on my life this thing was the size of the palm of my hand (legs and all). needless to say i started to scream, and panic. i was alone, what i am gonna do! that thing could easily kill me!
the house searching commenced, i was looking for anything i could spray on it, preferably some sort of bug killer but any spray would do. All i could find was shower cleaner, hairspray, & spray sunscreen (hey he may get a sunburn!) so i went back upstairs and attacked, i sprayed and sprayed until i was sure he was stunned and wouldn’t leap at my jugular. i found a bar (that is for mounting in a doorway for pullups) put a shoe on the end of it and smashed him!
now before you get all PETA on me for killing him, i don’t mind smaller spiders, they eat bugs, they kill flys, they still creep me out but i would let a small spider live and just shoo him out any day, but seriously this thing was way to big to be alive in my house and there was no way i could catch him without risking serious bodily harm on myself. (like the spider eating me)
sunday was uneventful, monday they turned on the hot water and we were allowed to shower again! (rejoice!) then monday night we ran out of water and couldnt figure out how to turn it on. hahaha! Tuesday they came to deliver our fridge, washer, stove and my desk. and the stove didnt fit. so i called the housing agency, and they told me how to turn the water on, and sent a guy over to make the stove fit.
finally all is well, we are nearly done unpacking, my office is almost done, the bedroom is making major progress, we need a few things downstairs, like a bar type thing, and a pantry because we filled all of the cabinets with my cookware and dishes.
i will get pictures ASAP, i need to finish unpacking which should happen this weekend if i can catch up on homework today and my debate paper tomorrow.
oh and Aiko loves her backyard, she constantly wants to be outside, and Taco loves the house he runs up and down the stairs all day and night, he may loose some weight afterall!

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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