To Do List

remember that big list i posted a few days ago, we’ll lets look back and see what i’ve accomplished:

oh yeah thats right. NOTHING!
and the movers come tomorrow at 9 am (i have about 24 hours to finish my  list)
oh, well except my moving plan, i did that because that was fun
and Paul turned off the cable yesterday so i’d be more productive. 
so the new list (some items from previous had to be removed due to time constraints) :
  • pack the bathroom
  • finish the laundry
  • finish the dishes
  • to the hardware store for a lawn edger
  • pick up keys this afternoon
  • pack my stuff that i dont want the movers touching
  • try to get clothes down to donation place
  • put away finished laundry
  • wash all blankets and sheets
  • move plants and clean porches 
  • take all pictures off the wall
  • wash all the rugs
  • stay off the computer (yeah right)
  • finish my libs paper (all i have to do is write like two paragraphs i almost was done last night when i quit)
  • try to do some math homework because i am frightfully behind right now. due to the busyness of this week, and my sleeping all day wednesday.
  • eat the remaining pesto because it wont last all weekend (this shall be fun)
  • don’t forget about the dog, she needs walking every few hours
  • try to find time to talk to mommy and daddy since i wont have a real net connection for 4 days. 😦
  • take down curtains in BR
  • enjoy our last day in base housing
see what happens when you procrastinate, now my list is like a million years long, thankfully its 9 am and i’ve already started the dishes and laundry and i am about to get a box for the bathroom and start there. so i’m on a roll! and it’s all mostly little things so it should be a piece of cake. and when i get done i can do homework!
signing off for who knows how long!

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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