my weight went back up today a smidge but i had chili’s for lunch yesterday and some beers after dinner, i was at 158.6 and today 159.8 but i’m not too worried, Monday is my ‘official’ weigh in day and Paul and i just did a 5 mile jog to the beach and back in 80 min so i’m thinkin i killed quite a few calories, i should be okay tomorrow.

we move in one week, we had the mover guy come yesterday and give us an appraisal on moving cost, it’s more than i had planned. this is getting expensive, first we decide to move, thats about 5,000 dollars out of pocket just for deposits and renter fee’s. then we get a bill for our insurance which was due this week, that was $800 dollars, then we realized we’d have to pay someone to move our shit, thats $750, then Paul’s water pump went out on his car, that another $800 dollars, and now we notice my car needs at least 2 new tires, desperately.  at least another $200 dollars. i think it’s about time i get a job, or there will be no school for me next term. i’m gonna wait until after we move and then after i get my term paper done for my current classes then i’ll find a job. the CDC (child development center) on both the bases close to us are hiring so i’d imagine i’m a shoe-in (i know i’m so conceited when it comes to my job experience and stuff) but i’ve never been fired and i’ve gotten EVERY job i’ve ever applied for(i’m also really picky about applying). people just like me. 
i’m nervous about moving, the dog is going to a friends house but i dont know what to do with the cat, i might see if said friend can lock him in her spare room for the day, because i have school that morning so i can supervise the animals.  i’m also terrified that once we get into the new house that the cat will get out and excape into the jungle (which is right next to our house) and become a jungle cat, or a tiger(<– thats me making light of my fear, trying to deal with it).  but i'm seriously afraid  he'll run away, or the dog will get out. and we'll never see them again. 

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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