I Love Lists TOO!

Much like my friend Lori i too am a lover of lists! i have ADD so writing things down helps me not forget and not get distracted. I thought i’d share some fun things i’d like to accomplish. 

Things to do with Paul before deployment this summer
  1. sometime around march i’d like to go to Tokyo and Disney Land 
  2. we really need to snorkel more
  3. scuba certification, even if we only get to scuba a few times 
  4. go camping, at least once
  5. go on a CREDO retreat
  6. Spend a day in Naha, on foot, exploring
  7. workout together, about once a week.
  8.  learn basic Japanese

Things to buy for new house
  1. rugs
  2. pantry cabinet
  3. shoe cabinet
  4. night stands (maybe, we just got new ones but i may use those as end tables in the new house)
  5. bathroom stuff for my bath, i’m thinking white, crisp clean white
  6. guest room provisions (we’ll have to save up for this one)
  7. Craft room/Alana’s office stuff (sewing machine, other crafty things)
  8. Curtains house wide (i will actually probably have to make these since the windows are very small, but that way they can be exactly how i want. 

Rules for the new house (these are the hard ones)
  1. dishes will be done immediately, no more waiting three days to do them
  2. alana cant ‘nest’ (this is where i make a mess in one spot, of dishes, magazines, coke cans, blankets, i do this often)
  3. clean up after yourself
  4. laundry will be hung up on clothes line unless its raining
  5. laundry will be put away as soon as its dry
  6. no stocking up on food (it’s one thing to be prepared, but i more than enough food to feed several armies in my pantry right now)
  7. the dog cannot go out alone
  8. the cat cannot go out at all
Rules for school
  1. i will devote at least one hour a day to school work , per class, and not wait until bedtime for this hour
  2. i will not wait until the last minuet to do my homework
  3. i will study every day
  4. i will not try to do homework in front of the TV
  5. i will get at least B’s because i can do it. 

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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1 Response to I Love Lists TOO!

  1. Lori says:

    Get it girl! I like your list’s much more than mine. Yours at least seem manageable, lol. =)

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