i love lists

as a sufferer from ADD, and lists are truely my friend, setting goals for each day help me accomplish things that would otherwise be forgotten, or just pushed aside, for me just checking something off a list gives me a good feeling inside, a feeling of achievement, i feel better about myself when i check things off my list.
Today my list was all errands
  • appointment at 0730 on Lester
  • Drop key’s back off to Seaside-Housing
  • Go to Base Housing, drop off paperwork, set appointment
  • go to hardware store for light bulbs
  • BX for flash-cards
  • reschedule doctors appt
  • schedule Proctored Exam (final Exam)
the only thing on this list that wasnt done by 11am was the reschedule of the doctors appt. (i has to wait for tomorrow, i think they are closed) today felt great! i got done with all my errands, picked me up some subway, and came home to take a nap and not feel bad about it. (up at 0530=nap for a few hours) now i am going to work on trying to catch up on my reading for my history class because i have a little over a week until my exam. 
I’ll leave you with some great shots of the Sunabe Sea Wall i took this morning after dropping off keys.


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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