How to ruin your sisters life Part I

i had completely forgotten about this until my sister told me how i ruined christmas for her forever when she was very young, maybe 6 or 7, as she told me the story i began to remember the specifics.

it was a very long time ago, shortly after Christmas, the two young Rhodes girls were playing with each other (or fighting, which was far more common) at some point Alana became very unhappy with her little sister Andrea, and made a rash decision that would likely alter her sisters life forever. I told my sister that there was no Santa. i’m sure my sister cried in disbelief, but i insisted on making it worse, much worse, not only was i claiming there was no Santa, but I had proof. into the filling cabinet we went, into a box shoved in the back (dont ask how i found it to begin with, i was a very nosey little kid and i knew far more than i should have) the box was full of small little papers, it’s what was on these papers that ruined Christmas. Receipts, they were receipts from the presents that were supposed to be from Santa, Santa doesnt get his presents at target, but mom and dad do. i am sure there were many more tears but this was undeniable proof. And there in one final swoop i ruined my sisters youth.

i feel bad about it, especially because it obviously affected her, as she reminded me of it this Christmas, 15ish years later. i dont even remember how i discovered there was no santa, though i am sure it was snooping, finding gifts hidden, and then getting them from ‘Santa’ a few weeks later.
Andrea if i could take it back i would, i am sorry i ruined Christmas for you, i promise i wont tell your kids when it’s your turn to be Santa, well i promise i wont tell them if they are good, if they are mean i’ll ruin it for them too. (okay well not really.. maybe)

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