Resolutions (6 days late)

Now that i am settled in Japan, hopefully this year wont be the dramatic up and down of emotions last year was. I am already on my way to bettering my self but writing things down is a great way to remember and stick to my goals

    • Continue at UMUC with at least a B average


  • Save $100 dollars a month (i dont have a steady job so this may be tough)



  • Compete in 6 5k’s and train to prepare myself for the Okinawa Marathon in early 2010



  • Eat fast food no more than once every other week



  • Continue with Rosetta stone, Japanese.



  • Loose 4 pounds a month, or 30 by the end of the year



  • Volunteer with at least 3 organizations



  • Donate blood (in july, 12 month tattoo rule)



  • Continue with my goals after the start of this years deployment.



  • take 3 fitness classes a month at the gym.



  • Travel off island at least once



  • Be Green, Recycle, Compost, turn off lights, walk, carpool, etc.



  • Knit more, way more


(cut and pasted from Facebook)

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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