today i accomplished more that i usually do and i am so proud of myself! the day started late, again, as usual. but i got up and cleaned up the living room, then moved all the furniature around and mopped the hell out of it. i pulled up the rug in the living room and it was nasty, so that thing is going to the dumpster friday.
I got dressed and went to the 100¥ store for a few things, followed by the gym for almost an hour, i jogged/ran/speedwalked a mile in 16 min. thats good for me. i’m gonna have to work on that though if i want to do a 5K. then i did some strenght training, i am pretty sure i will be super sore in the morning, but the off chance that i’m not, i’ll be heading back to the gym.
i ran a few more errands, getting dinner stuff. then i got home and started dinner. only to discover the garbage disposal wasnt working so i stuck my hand down it and pulled out like 40 little pieces of plastic and it works again!i must admit i did have an irrational fear that somehow there would be a power surge or something and it would turn on and eat my hand. but i had to do it myself (or at least try) the last time i called maintenance because it stopped working they came out, the guy reach in, pulled out a match that was lodged in there, snickered, and left. i wasn’t about to be getting laughed at again because i had crap just stuck in there.

the day ended with me doing lots of homework and some knitting. i’ll post some knitting pictures later.
i feel so accomplished

side note, it was like 80 degrees here today,i composed a short letter

dear winter goddess,
i think you have us confused with Australia, were in the northern hemisphere, its supposed to be cooler. not asking for snow but a bit cooler would be nice.
k thx bai

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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