Okinawa World

Today we went to Okinawa World, this was probably the most fun touristy thing we’ve done yet, it was a blast, very hot but a blast. 
Gyokusendo Cave is on the property and very beautiful, unfortunately its not in good condition, lots of foot prints off the path, people have touched the stalactites and broken several that once hung over the path way.

there was a waterfall in the cave it was really neat. 
Paul in front of the ‘Golden Cup’ a big golden stalactite thing with little pools at the top
then there was the tropical fruit farm where we saw a pineapple bush
i have no clue what this is but it’s beautiful (it’s a Passion Fruit Flower, thank you Dawn)
and some Banana’s for Banana (they are way up at the top)
okay this, i dont know what it’s called but if you’ve ever watched Andrew Zimmerman’s Bizarre food’s you may recognize it. i am 90% sure this is the one thing he will not eat. it’s been in a few episodes and it always make’s him gag. (its called a Durian, thanks Deborah)
they had a guy blowing glass, well this he wasnt actually blowing he was just shaping

some amazing hand dyed yarn i found ([del]still trying to identify the fiber content[/del] its cotton)
Habu Sake, yes it’s Sake make with real poisonous snakes, gross huh? we even got to taste it and it’s gross
they have several reptile exhibits, and one there was these turtles, well as we were walking around looking at the cute turtles i saw one in the water floating upside down, i almost burst into tears, and start to panic, it’s in an inclosed cage so i cant reach in and save it.  after a few seconds a guy walked by and in broken Japengrish i got his attention and signaled to the poor turtle, he smiled and walked into the back, after a few min i wasnt sure if he was going to come back but he did and he saved her, i got real close to get a picture of her and i’m pretty sure she was smiling thanking me for saving her. 
Paul and I durring the snake show posing with a python
the snake guy (same guy that saved my turtle) playing with a cobra!
the front of Okinawa world
me posing with what i think is a Green Snake
Paul with the snake
a mongoose 
the end! I hope you enjoyed!


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