My little Lumpia

i dont think i ever shared but Aiko has had a lump growing on her back. i noticed it a few weeks ago, well we finally got into the vet today, the vets first reaction was x-rays, biopsy, expensive, we sat in the room with her feeling it and asking me when it showed up, how much bigger has it gotten, it obviously doesn’t hurt her because you can move it and squeeze it without her so much a wincing. after we talked about it for a second, i said, “when she first got it i thought it was her microchip, our cat has one and i can feel his between his shoulders” but Aikos lump is on her side just behind her shoulder. not where a microchip should be. well the vet decided to  check with the microchip checker thing, well low and behold there we have a microchip, so the conclusion: Aiko’s  body is very possibly rejecting her microchip. if the lump continues to grow we’ll have to have it surgically removed, which will be no fun for any of us, so now we just have to hope that the lump stops growing, even better if it just went away.  At least it’s not bothering her.

on a brighter note i got my old navy order today and all my new clothes fit! my pants have gone down a size!

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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