Doggie poop bag holder

CO 30 stitches 

 *p1 k1* until end of row dividing to dpns

join and *p1 k1* until end of row

continue with pattern as follows until desired length (aprox. 2.5 inches) 

row 1 K1 *p1 k1*

row 2 repeat row 1

row 3 P1 *k1 p1*

row 4 repeat row 3

repeat these 4 rows for a total of 16 rows 

bind off 15 stitches 

knit remaining 15 stitches for 2 rows continuing pattern moving all st to one needle, rest of pattern will be done with 2 needles. 

3rd row after bo continue pattern 5 st in, bo 5 continue pattern for 5 more st

next row continue pattern for 5 st co 5 st 5 more st following pattern

continue on 3 rows following pattern *k1 p1* or *p1 k1* until end 

dec first and last on each of the next 3 rows until 9 stiches remain

pattern for 3 st, bo 3 st, pattern 3 st

pattern 3st co 3st bo 3 st

pattern for 2 rows 

Bind Off

you now have two button holes, one for feeding the bags through and one for a close button

knit an i-cord as per the directions here to the length of aprox 7 inches attach i cord as a handle to wrap around your leash. to finish attach a button and weave in all ends. 

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1 Response to Doggie poop bag holder

  1. Anonymous says:

    I see on ravelry everybody thought this was easy… I really want to try it, but it sounds confusing to me!! I am so not good at reading patterns! Any help?

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