weekend wrap-up

well its been one heck of a couple of weeks, after i went to the doctor in the previous post i got sicker. i am convinced it was one of those sick kids that were touching everything while i waited in the pharmacy for hours. so i ended up nearly deathly ill 4th of july weekend, and i didnt want to be a wuss and go to the doctor for the third time in 3 weeks so i stuck it out, just waited figured i’d get better last thursday i started to feel a little better, then friday i was dying again, hacking, no voice, sniffles the whole thing all over again. so i gave in and called the doc. the diagnosis, i was going through round two of a pretty severe case of bronchitis, thankfully i was given the hard stuff and here we are sunday evening and i can finally breathe again, my chest still aches but nothing like the pressure i was going through last week.  i am really hoping just maybe i can get into the gym tomorrow, its been like three weeks since i’ve been. but i am still loosing weight. 10 pounds down since i got here. yes i know its been 6 months and 10 pounds in 6 months isnt much but its good for me.

we took Aiko to for a drive this weekend, working on getting her used to the car, she is a baby in the car, but she seemed to enjoy our little drive saturday.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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