Best Day!

Today Paul and i had one of the best days we’ve had since we got here on the island. 

unfortunately i have no pictures because today included a bathing suit and, well, no way there will be pictures of me in a swim suit for at least a few months. anyway on to a great day.
it started with me sleeping in a little, then Buffalo Paul woke me up (he gets said name for him stomping around the house like a buffalo). i finally rose from bed about 930 had some bed snuggles with the doggie and kitty. then we decided to take the plunge, literally, we went down to Foster and headed into Tsunami Scuba. currently we dont have the time to take actual Suba padi lessons, but we do have time to go to the beach, so we decided to try snorkeling. about half an hour and quite a bit of money later we walked out with top of the line flippers, goggles, snorkels and booties. Paul’s are blue and mine are Black.  we drove over to Sunabe Seawall and headed in, the first time out i was terrified the waves were rough and choppy and where we were was extremely shallow, but it looked real neat. after about 5 min of me loosing my cool we headed back to the shore, i was throwing in the towel. we got in the car and Paul talked me into to try another place, so i pulled out our tide book with the dive spots and looking at pictures realized while we were at the seawall we wernt in the right place. we were further north, at a place called the Junkyard. we turned back found another parking spot and went walked over to the correct place. i was stoked. got our goggles & booties on and headed down the steps to the water.  once we got to the correct place it was so much easier. it was deeper, we could see better, the water seemed less choppy, it was so much better. once we got in we headed for the coral, we saw blue fish, black fish, yellow fish, multi colored fish, red coral, lime green coral and blue coral, it was so cool! i cant wait to go again. i really want to go right now but i am exhausted. we headed back to the beach because Paul was having goggle issues, and once they were corrected we headed back out. i got a little carried away going down the seawall stepps and i biffed it.  (okay so i lied about the no picture thing, i’ll take this one to show you my clumsiness)

not too bad but i for my first time snorkeling in over 10 years i think thats pretty good. 

we had so much fun, i loved every second of it. i can’t wait to get scuba certified. soon. 3 months. soon!
ps the doggie didnt want to be forgotten so she posed for the picture

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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